News and Announcements – February 14, 2012

DNOW Is Here!

Once a year hundreds of students gather for this weekend. Disciple Now is absolutely one of the greatest events we have every year. This year our team has worked for over a year implementing all of the nuances of the weekend. I want to personally thank you for allowing us the opportunity to invest into the life of your teenager. We have more students, host homes, and college leaders than ever before!

Wednesday night is extremely important to the weekend. We will meet our host homes, hear about preparing our hearts, and finish turning in all of our paperwork. We will have to work through the evening and into Thursday to compile all of the information that will be turned in. If your student doesn’t come or turn in their paperwork, then there is a chance they will not get placed in the proper roundtable group. We want to make sure that everything is smooth this week. Please make sure your student is here by 6:15pm if they are registered for DNow.

If you would like to volunteer around the building, please let us know by Wednesday!

DNOW Worship Schedule
The worship services will take place in the main sanctuary at Hunter Street and you are invited to come be a part. We are asking parents to come and hear what God is teaching your students through Ed Newton and Chris Orr.

Friday – 7:30 pm
Saturday – 9:00 am and 3:30 pm

Sunday Worship Schedule
On Sunday we are asking parents to worship in the hour your teenager(s) are worshiping.
8:05 service – 7th and 8th graders*
9:30 service – 9th and 10th graders
10:45 service – 11th and 12th graders

(7th and 8th graders will have an additional small group in the student building after the 8:05 service)

2012 Medical Release Forms

If you have not yet turned in a medical release form for your student(s), please do so as soon as possible. The forms have to be renewed each calendar year, so we need one for everybody. This medical form is required for all church activities. Notaries are available in the student and main church offices.

Download and print the Medical Release Form.

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